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Jan 241982

Formation of Ogbomoso Pivotal Club

Ogbomoso Pivotal Club emerged officially on January 24, 1982. Six gentlemen convened at Alhaji M.A. Adams’ residence on Oyekan Road, Apapa, responding to an invitation from Engr. S.O. Alabi. Their aim was to shape Ogbomosoland’s destiny in education, social welfare, and politics.

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Jan - Apr1982

Pioneers and Early Initiatives

The six gallant pioneers—Alhaji M.A. Adams, Chief L.A. Gbadamosi, Engr. S.O. Alabi, Engr. S.A. Adigun, Dr. Olawale, and Mr. Okeniyi—swiftly assumed key roles. Their efforts led to significant strides in education and healthcare, establishing the Club as a beacon of progress.

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Apr 18 - Sep 141986

Evolution of the Club’s Name

After a thorough debate, the name "Ogbomoso Pivoters Club" was chosen in 1982 but later faced criticism for its disconnect from the Club’s goals. In 1986, Prof. Oyeleye Oyediran catalyzed a name change to "Ogbomoso Pivotal Club," aligning it with the organization’s objectives.

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We champion inclusivity, believing that every voice, regardless of background or circumstance, deserves to be heard. Our mission revolves around empowering individuals to realize their full potential, fostering a world where everyone thrives.

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